Go To Travel Campaign

Go To Travel Campaign - Japan Government Travel Subsidy

The campaign’s aim is to invigorate demand in local communities by government-private sector cooperation that is only available based on specific terms for business recovery.

The subsidy is up to 50% (max 20,000JPY/person/night). In the subsidy, 70% will be applied as a discount to your travel fee and 30% provided as coupons to spend within the local community (local community coupon). Hence, it’s effectively a 35% discount of your accommodation charges, up to up to 14,000 JPY/person/night.

Please feel free to contact us at book@hokkaidotracks.com or 0136 21 5138 for more information or to book your stay.

For example:

Number of nights 1 night
2 nights 3 nights
Max subsidy ¥ 20,000 ¥ 40,000 ¥ 60,000
Breakdown Discount Amount ¥ 14,000 ¥ 28,000 ¥ 42,000
Local Community Coupon ¥ 6,000 ¥ 12,000 ¥ 18,000

*Based on the announcement of MLIT Tourism Agency.

What is the local community coupon?

The local community coupons are issued in units of 1,000 JPY per face value and no change will be given. The coupons are issued by Go To Travel project’s secretariat and it will be distributed to users from travel agencies and accommodations. Full-scale implementation date is scheduled after September 1st. Please check the details of the documents which are announced by MLIT Tourism Agency on July 10th.

Notice – as of July 10th (Friday), 2020

The details of Go To Travel project were announced by MLIT Tourism Agency. Trips departing after July 22th, 2020 which have already been booked and request from now on are eligible for this campaign.

Notice – as of July 16 (Thursday) 2020

The Japanese government decided to exclude travelers from and to Tokyo prefecture. In order to be eligible for the subsidy, proof of residence such as driver license or health insurance card must be presented to prove residency at the time of making a reservation.

Notice - as of July 27 (Monday)

The subsidy by coupon will start from September. Until then the discount will be 35% of one night one person accommodations charge (maximum of ¥14,000). Please check the link below for more details.

Currently only Japanese version available:


Once we receive additional details, we will update on this post. Please feel free to contact us at book@hokkaidotracks.com or 0136 21 5138 for more information or to book your stay.