Go To Travel Campaign

What is GoTo Travel?

GoTo Travel is a campaign by the national government to promote domestic travel within Japan. Only residents of Japan (including foreign nationals) are eligible to take advantage of the campaign.

What discount is available?

The discount savings can be received as per the below:

  • 35% discount off the total accommodation cost
  • Coupons worth 15% of the total cost to spend within the local community

*Please note there is a cap on the maximum discount amount of ¥20,000 per person per night, ¥14,000 for accommodations and ¥6,000 for the coupons. We will apply an accommodation discount of 35%, unless the discount will exceed ¥14,000 per person per night.

For bookings made after November 17th, there will be a limit on the number of nights eligible for the discount of 7 nights.

How long is the campaign valid for?

Currently the campaign is valid for travel up until 31st January 2021, however there is a possibility this may be extended. At this time, we can only provide the discount for stays up until 31st January 2021.