Workation Long Stay Program

A new accommodations program to winter sports lovers who want to work from ski resorts. A special offer to guests who wish to stay 2 weeks or more. How about remote work from homes and condominiums that provide an easy access to ski resorts? Enjoy ski and snowboard from 8:30 in the morning for one hour and then go to work. All properties are very close to slopes and let you join a video conference from 10am.

Since a long stay is considered as moving of the residence, the service is limited to delivering of linen and towels. Bed making and cleaning will be responsibilities of guests. The housekeeping can be requested, but the additional fee must be covered by the guest.

Two week stay is offered at the same price as several nights of the standard rate. Experience a life of easy access to Hokkaido powder.

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Price Samples (including consumption tax and accommodations tax


14 Nights*

28 Nights*

1 bedroom

Art House, Roku, etc.

From ¥141,000

From ¥236,000

2 bedrooms

Art House, Roku, tec.

From ¥229,000

From ¥384,000

3 bedrooms

Tanoshii Chalet, Yuki Uchi, etc.

From ¥317,000

From ¥532,000
*Adding two nights of the standard rate if the stay includes dates between December 29 and January 2.