Worry Free, Contactless Travel in Hokkaido

Travel Subsidies01

The Japanese government will subsidize domestic travel within Japan. The method of subsidy distribution is still under discussion. Enquire for updates on this program.

Groceries For Your Soul02

Everybody’s got to eat, but what happens when you don’t have the time to go out and get ingredients? Well, we’ll shop for you based on what you order online. And because we know some local producers, we’ll be sure to send you a care basket filled with goodies from them. It’s all included in your rate and you don’t have to worry about a markup on top of your grocery bill… or that we’re charging grocers a commission to shop and deliver to you.

Preventative Health Tools and Supplies03

If you lose your health, it’s difficult to get it back, so we’re going to do everything we can to help you stay healthy. In addition to washing your hands regularly, we also provide these health tools so you can rest assured during your stay. As part of our commitment to keep you safe, the following tools are made available as a standard during your stay: alcohol and sanitizers, face masks, thermometers and UVC wands.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness04

Keeping yourselves clean is more important than ever. In addition to having laundry machines and detergents in your summer home, we also make it easy for you to be worry-free about housekeeping via our curated list of professional cleaners. To ensure the cleanliness of our homes, all homes undergo the following processes: sanitation and disinfection will be done after every check out, upgraded and extra linens will be provided upon check in, UVC floor lights will be placed hours before check in to ensure that mold, bacteria and other germs will be removed, strict cleaning regimens are imposed to the professional cleaning companies wiping up high contact surfaces when cleaning and with proper protective equipment like masks and gloves.

WFH: Work From Home, Easily05

While the kids are having fun, you may have to do the occasional working thing, or a lot. These days, with virtual meetings as a result of social and physical distancing, we know that you might need some office support. As work from home becomes the norm, we have select accommodation that can cater for this need with an office desk setup included in the house design. Let us know if you intend to work from home so we can provide the right accommodation for you.

Concierge Services06

Of course sometimes you just want someone else to do the work for you, especially if you have problems communicating in Japanese. Here are some additional services that our Guest Relations Executives provide for you during your stay: book restaurants, book activities, book transportation, Japanese translation, area exploration walks and language tutoring.

Additional Amenities07

Here are some additional amenities we can provide to make your stay even more enjoyable: Pillow Menu, Upgraded Linens, Bicycles*, BBQ Set, Hot Pot, Remote Check-In/Out, Cribs, Futons, Luxury Skincare Products

*Some service requires additional fees (i.e. bicycle rentals)